Blade Runner - In A Cave

The Angel Microbrewery, Nottingham

Thursday 28th Nov 2019 7:30pm


Maximum of 6 tickets

£7.70 inc. booking fee

£7.00 face value

Event Information

"“Wake up. Time to die."


Subterranean Cinema Club heads into November with a screening of the 1982 Ridley Scott classic: Blade Runner.

Why are we showing this now? Because it’s November 2019! The very date the film is set in. We’ll let you decide if “the future” lives up to Ridley Scott and Phillip K Dick’s vision.

The first rule of Subterranean Cinema Club is:
Get there on time or you don't get in.

The second rule of Subterranean Cinema Club is:
You get free popcorn. And some kind of sweets too!

Third rule of Subterranean Cinema Club is:
Bring blankets and cushions if you'd like to. We provide fold out chairs and wooden benches. We strongly advise against wearing heels.

Fourth rule:
Buy tickets early. There are only 25 available and we usually sell out!



Venue Address

  • 7 Stoney Street
    The Lace Market

Venue Age Restriction

  • 18+