Josh Leach / Conor O'Mara / Ruth Spencer Jolly Film / Music

Rough Trade, Nottingham

Monday 11th Feb 2019 2:00pm

No age restriction

Maximum of 6 tickets

Event Information

Three films from music and sound artists. Josh Leach’s films have focused on revisiting childhood memories. He has devised a creative process he calls 'Memory-Diving' and will be hosting a discussion alongside his film screening. Conor O’Mara explores the fictional world of Douglas Savage and invites you to follow his ongoing story afterwards. Ruth Spencer Jolly’s film European Unison is a musical performance intervention which took place on the eve of triggering Article 50 in 2017. A film of this event portrays the performance of 28 pianists, gathered to represent the members of the European Union, playing out the history of the EU from its birth to Brexit on 28 pianos in one room.



Venue Address

  • 5 Broad St

Venue Age Restriction

  • Over 18s only