Silk Roots and Black Peacock

The Magnificent Spiegeltent, Nottingham

Sunday 12th May 2019 10:30am

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Event Information

Something totally different for a Sunday morning!

Silk Roots emerged from the festival band ‘The Balkan Express’ to play Eastern folk music with a sense of fun and dynamism.They see no borders and break down walls which define traditional music by fusing obscure yet beautiful melodies from various nations and continents in dance- friendly settings.Often a Ska rhythm underpins the whole and frequently the music takes off on fiddle- driven flights of fancy.

When joined by the Black Peacock belly dancers a party spontaneously erupts, all divisions are banished and a spirit of freestyle unity fills the dance floor.

BlackPeacock BellyDance are an Improvised Tribal Style troupe from Nottingham. Based in Middle Eastern dance blended with Western dance styles, there is no choreography, but rather a language of movement which the dancers use to create a unique performance every time. We invite you to be with us in the here and now for this moment in time where we connect with the music of Silk Roots and you, the audience.



Venue Address

  • Market Square

Venue Information

  • Known for their wild and decadent ambiance, Spiegeltents are exquisite pop-up venues that suit an eclectic performance programme.
    Literally translated as ‘mirror tent’, Spiegeltents were originally built in Belgium in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The magnificent round tent is made of dark wood with intricately carved panels, stained glass windows, bevelled mirrors and an impressive draped ceiling. The boothed seating that lines the edges makes way for a grand dance floor with an in-built stage where performers such as Marlene Dietrech famously sung ‘Falling in Love Again’ in a Spiegeltent in Paris in the 1930’s.

    Nottingham’s traditional Goose Fair would see folk travel from far and wide to celebrate the end of harvest and pick up a Goose (or two) which were driven annually across the fens from Norfolk. Whilst as far as we know Spiegeltents were never hosted at the Goose Fair of old, entertainment was a significant feature of the event, both in the ale houses around Old Market Square and surrounding streets and in freak shows across the fair, where you could have expected to see literally anything from The smallest child in the world to The Yorkshire Giant Brothers, despite usually being an elaborate illusion from enterprising showmen.

    The Salon Perdu is one of a handful of the unique and legendary tents left in the world today; it has spent its life travelling the world from New York to Sydney, and since 2015 annually to Nottingham, as a small part of the Goose Fair returns to its spiritual home of Old Market Square.

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