I'm Not From London Presents.... Marine Store Dealer

The Old Bus Depot, Nottingham on Saturday 1st Oct 2022 8:15pm

I'm Not From London Presents.... Marine Store Dealer
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I'm Not From London Presents....

Sat 5th March @ The Old Bus Depot

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Marine Store Dealer are a three-piece formed in London, but hail from Nottingham and Istanbul.
Urgent, raucous songs that blend nods to 70s Punk, 80s Romantics and 90s Indie with a fresh take on cinematic dark pop, lyrically preoccupied with the human condition.



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"It has taken UK singer-songwriter-everything-ist Beejarabbit – better known to her friends as Becci Johnson – a healthy while to breathe life into this mesmeric solo project. It’s also meant that the music, evocative and deliciously layered, arrives fully formed. It’s been worth the wait.

Baby I’m In Love, the first single and video, comes with indie rock shadows and piercing melodic sunlight. There are strange and perhaps conflicting emotions at play within its choppy, assertive and fragrantly tuneful grooves. With Becci performing or arranging all instrumentation it is inevitably an intensely personal work – it also means that vocals, guitar and drums segue into an animated whole that catches fire almost instantly. With bass heavy propulsion and a song construction that tips the hat to goth-pop protagonists The Cure as well as present luminaries like Wolf Alice, there’s also a furtive sense of the unknown. This road might just take you to unexpected destinations.

With lines like ‘it all breaks down’ and ‘there’s no such thing as love’ as steely context, the song pivots into a contrastingly ethereal refrain Its choppy guitars and hum-along, echo chamber hook, achieves that rarest of things – it’s simultaneously happy and sad, like a memory of childhood or a sudden, unbidden thought about a deceased parent. This strange quality is the privilege of only a few – instinctive rather than something you can learn – but Becci’s unique slant on indie-pop, punk and rock, brings it into the kind of focus that makes you hit that metaphorical play button time after time. It’s an interesting and emotional trip to take, so go on, plunge right in.
- Kerrang legend /Steve Beebee




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  • Fishergate Point Studios
    3 Fishergate Point
    NG1 1GD

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